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3112, 2015

Thank you and Happy 2016!

By |December 31st, 2015|

What a year 2015 has been! I am so full of thanks on this New Year’s Eve.

“Self”-publishing As Long As She Lives was a huge achievement which belongs to so many people as well as me: Ann Bolch, my editor; Lu Sexton, my proofer (and also an accredited editor); Lin Wee and her assistant Patrick, the designers who pulled me out of the fire at the last minute with their skill and professionalism and; Nick Kane, my local printer who worked with Lin to get the beautiful, luxury copies to Dymocks on time for the launch! Thank you also to Kym and Louise at Dymocks Melbourne for their faith in stocking the book and giving it such a wonderful launch!

Of course my greatest support, as ever, has been my husband, Superman as he has been known on this blog for a decade, now. Not only has he given me the gift of supporting my writing and self-publishing emotionally and financially (he was the greatest advocate for going indie), he has also been there as I’ve begun to conquer long-time health issues which became urgent in over-polluted Bangkok. Superman gently helped me through 2 surgeries since August 2014 and happily supported the nutritional and lifestyle changes I needed. I cherish the life and love we have shared for 22 years, so far, and look forward to a lot more of them now that my health is back on track.

Finally thank you to all my friends, family and you my readers – I am so grateful for the time you give my work, whether here on the blog, on Wattpad or the pages of As Long As She Lives (paper or electronic!) I wish you all a Happy 2016!

Thank you! 2015



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Darcy’s first career was spent turning some of Australia’s best loved books (and some not so loved) into audio books for major publishers. Now she focuses on her own writing and uses her experience in publishing to wrangle her own team of editors, proofreaders and designers to publish them herself.
Darcy’s debut novel, As Long As She Lives is out now in print and eBook and can be ordered through the usual places online, or from the store on this site.

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