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Contemporary suspense, international intrigue, & a little romance, set in Melbourne, Australia.

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Writer, reader, traveler, gadget geek, dilettante photographer and ancient history buff. I used to turn other writers’ stories into audio books, now I write, publish and podcast my own.

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408, 2016

The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 9

By | August 4th, 2016|

WoWaMSQ S1CH 9Hello dear readers!
Here at last is Chapter 9 of The War of Wind and Moon – I’m quite excited about this one because it is the end of Act One of both Season One and Mia’s life! I do hope you enjoy it.
For those of you who listen to the podcast as you read, you’ll notice the lack of the embedded player in this post – the podcast is up and you can play it on the main page playlist widget if you really want to but I’m loathe to link it here just yet because after I uploaded it, it sounded dreadful (I won’t say in what way in case you haven’t picked it up but I’d bet you have!) I will be remastering it for you the moment I have time and will embed it when I do – it may be the weekend, though, ironically, a request for me to return to producing audio books has had me running around visiting potential studios this week!

For those of  you who are happy to just read, though, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer! Remember, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a question!
Good reading to you!

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The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 9

Mia squeezed her eyes closed but pain and swelling forced them open. Instead, she focused on the bloody towel she was holding to her nose, counted to three, then raised her gaze to the ceiling again. The glimmering creature was still there, staring down at her with its lidless eyes atop its beach ball belly, occasionally switching its gaze to her mother on the bed below, but quickly returning it to Mia still lying on the floor. It looked so real. It wasn’t solid, she could see the roof meeting the top of the wall through its body, but still… She closed her eyes again, gently this time, and willed away the sense of its presence. Sane people did not see imaginary monsters.

“Mia?” Her mother’s voice. Too close.   She opened her eyes to find Patricia kneeling in front of her, reaching for the towel. Mia recoiled. “Don’t be childish, Mia. I need to see if your nose is broken.”

But Mia was more concerned about her eyes. She blinked. Twice. Still, her view of her mother’s face was distorted by thousands of tiny yellow flashes of light, dancing in the air between them. Patricia reached toward Mia’s face again. Again, Mia flinched. “Don’t!” Mia’s voice was muffled by the towel over her face but her mother had heard her.

Patricia’s eyes widened. The lights dancing in Mia’s vision became orange, then red. Fear swelled in Mia’s chest. Time seemed to slow. Each heart beat an explosion juddering her ribcage. The flickering of the red lights, too, slowed. Behind them Patricia’s lips parted, her chest expanded, drawing a breath to speak. Her fingers curled into the palms of her hands, tightening into fists.

“Leave me alone!” Half whimper, half shriek, the words bypassed Mia’s brain, her lips and vocal chords driven by fear. “Please! Just […]

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