Via a blog on language and its use, I recently came across a circumlocution such as Sir Humphrey Appleby of Yes Minister & Prime would be proud:

“… the filmmakers added new scenes to the film, including one where Mr. [Samuel L.] Jackson’s character delivers an exclamation similar to one a sound-alike had uttered in a fan trailer. In it, Mr. Jackson repeatedly uses an Oedipal expletive to describe both the snakes and the plane.” (my emphasis, from Wall Street Journal Online 18/8/06)

Bravo SAM SCHECHNER of Wall Street Journal

On another note: with all the ‘returning to Uni’ general enjoyment.. ok excitement 🙂 …Ă‚ I was inspired to email Monash and ask what I needed to do to get myself aĂ‚ testamur for my B.Arts. I never received mine and, as I’ve never really needed it (always had my results if need be,) I guess I thought it slightly vainĂ‚ to chase after it (and there was the whole issue of never having actually finishedĂ‚ Honours blah blah blah)Ă‚ but having put that silliness aside I thought it might be nice to have it. I received a response within the hour stating that the original had been sent to me but returned (student moving about to blame there) and it had been in storage ever since! Apparently I should receive it by registered post by the end of the week – so brava Monash U, too.