• Char. development going wonderfully – one of them did something which made me gasp today – I LOVE this part! p.s. I’m not mad. Truly. #
  • Off to go find out what happens next – it’s not insomnia if you’re being creative, right? /grin #
  • Suspect conspiracy btn Logitech and MS – why doesn’t Google Chrome come up in application list so I can keybind it as my default browser? #
  • Nagoya is utterly idyllic today. If you are planning a trip to Japan I seriously recommend May – just get out by mid June LOL #
  • Wondering what on EARTH is going on down my street – can’t see anything but there have been salarypersons in suits streaming by all day??? #
  • 4th at quiz tonight – Happy B’day Dave! Now to shower then to write the solution which came to me over dinner! Sleep be damned! #
  • Okay proving why it’s good I refused the offer to have the net put on in my retreat house in NZ – time to focus on writing LOL #

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