• Back in Nagoya and finding the series of tubes a little overwhelming – even had to slow my mouse down – WOW my brain was hyper before NZ!! #
  • Good sign – gave myself a week off writing but find myself drawn to my romance project anyway! My 1st attempt at a romance for the public! #
  • Since hubby is off to Bangkok for the week on Sunday, I might try screwing my time clock up and attending #writechat this week!! #
  • Have tablet hooked up to huge LCD TV and it's a great media player esp. with the tiny remote which fits in the flash card slot ^_^ #
  • Also kind of fun to see one's own work on TV LOL!!! #
  • Hmm firing up tweetdeck on the tablet and finding tweets I did not receive/see between tweets I did. Thanks for the WBs guys! 🙂 #
  • So hubby has left for the airport and I'm on my own for another week. #writegoal will be, say 10k for the week – ALL ON THE ONE PROJECT lol #
  • Discovered a blog on writing that I've been reading for over a year is written by a woman, thought it was a man, from the style. Weird. #
  • Catching up on The Office (US) and doing a lot of "Awwww"ing – and not just at Pam and Jim. More sentimental than the UK one (also awesome) #

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