The House Hunt is over! We will be able to move in from the 13th of April, but will need too co-ordinate the Air Shipment from Thailand (which should already be here, but isn’t), the shipment from Storage in Sydney (should take 1 week or so), and the Sea Shipment from Thailand (6-8 weeks).  Luckily, our bed has been in storage so unless it’s been stored badly and ruined (which it shouldn’t have been, but we’ve had bad storage experiences, before) we should be able to at least move in, soon, even if it will be  a little bare.

When I woke, today, I received a message via the FictionPress reviews section asking me to update As Long As She Lives soon 🙂 It was from a guest and I could not directly reply, so: Thank you, Kind Reader! Now that the House Hunting is over, I am able to concentrate on other things, and I am writing again, but my only computer, at the moment, is my dear little convertible Tablet PC, and the keyboard is not made for 8hrs of writing a day! I’ll be handwriting till my ergo keyboard arrives in the Air Shipment, then I’ll plug that sucker into my tablet (the keyboard is more than twice the size lol) and transcribe like mad!

Still, this enforced break from updating has been a chance to see whether people can find my work without the prompt of updating, and it’s lovely to see that there have only been a couple of days where no-one was reading some part of As Long As She Lives on FictionPress, or Wattpad.

Speaking of Wattpad, the day after we landed back home (my 40th birthday, in fact) I received some exciting news from the Wattpad staff. I won’t share the detail until I have completed the novel (since it won’t happen until I do) but, since that’s going to take 5-6 months (maximum, I’m hoping) I wanted to make note of it, here, since it is exciting, and the main purpose of the blog is to record the “writing a draft in public” project.

So, if it weren’t for not knowing whether our goods are safely on their way from Thailand, all is going very, very well. It’s great to be home!