Shrine of Remembrance and Government House at NightThe House Hunt is over! We will be able to move in from the 13th of April, but will need too co-ordinate the Air Shipment from Thailand (which should already be here, but isn’t), the shipment from Storage in Sydney (should take 1 week or so), and the Sea Shipment from Thailand (6-8 weeks).  Luckily, our bed has been in storage so unless it’s been stored badly and ruined (which it shouldn’t have been, but we’ve had bad storage experiences, before) we should be able to at least move in, soon, even if it will be  a little bare. It will be very good to sleep in our own bed, instead of a hard, Asian bed, and sit on our own couch – the couch we had in Thailand was truly hysterical in its lack of functionality!

Most of all, though, I am grateful to be out of Thailand and home. Can’t wait to set up my new writing space!