About Darcy

DarcyNov015The defining element of my life is my addiction to Story – written, drawn, filmed, barely hinted at in the finds of an archaeological dig… if there is a narrative to enjoy, I will find it or create it.

I was lucky enough to stumble into a first career turning some of Australia’s best loved books (and some not-so-loved!) into audio books. Now, like many women as they enter their forties, I’m embarking upon a second career, this time writing my own stories about curious, compassionate women who get themselves into trouble and find their own way out.

Born in Philadelphia, USA, and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I have been travelling since I was 10 months old. I’ve lived in various cities in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand (if 2, blissful, months count as having lived there). I sometimes think I am most at home as a stranger settling into a new city.

When I am not writing, I’m likely to be absorbed in the stories of others – fiction and non-fiction, fantasy or realism, contemporary or historical (preferably ancient.)  I dabble in photography and, despite a tendency toward tech-geekery, collect fountain pen inks, and fountain pens in which to use them.