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31 03, 2016

The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 1

By | March 31st, 2016|

The day has arrived and, as promised, here is Chapter One of The War of Wind and Moon. Thank you for joining me! I’m still so excited to be writing this story and to be sharing it with you. You’ve probably guessed from the “Season One” in the title that it’s a long, juicy story and I hope I can keep you wanting more each week!

There are various ways to enjoy The War of Wind and Moon.
1. Right here, below as a simple (if long), text blog post

2. Right here by listening to the embedded podcast player (and reading along);

3. As a podcast on any podcast app you might want to subscribe to the podcast rss via iTunes or directly at Audioboom 

4. In text only on Wattpad, where I wrote the draft of As Long As She Lives

When you have read or listened, please do feel free to comment, wherever you are. I love to hear from my readers, I cherish each of you and will do my best to respond to every comment and answer any questions you might ask – though I may need to plead “spoilers” sometimes!

And now I shall leave you to read or listen. I hope you enjoy it! 


Chapter One

Alternative Platform Links: WattpadiTunes (or any podcast app), TapeWrite and Audioboom

Floating to the ceiling of Mia’s bedroom, its dangling belly swollen after a feast of rage and fear, the Gossip enjoyed a dessert of contempt and defiance. Through bulging, yellow eyes the creature watched Mia uncurl from the ball she habitually formed whenever her mother’s fists began flying. The girl turned her ear to the door she was forbidden to shut and stilled her ragged breathing, listening for her […]

2 05, 2014

Don’t tell me eBooks have no soul

By | May 2nd, 2014|


** This post is dedicated to my dear friend and sister in storycraft, Kim Koning

In the little corner of the online writing and reading community that I occupy, I often come across photos, memes, slogans and posts extolling the virtues of the printed book over the eBook. I usually avoid the discussion because my appreciation for eBooks comes from living in countries where English is not the national language and no-one wants to hear me rave about my travels. However, something happened to me yesterday which made me think about the element of the print vs eBook argument which gets under my skin: the suggestion that eBooks “have no soul.”

Now, if the claim of no soul is in terms of decorating a house,  I can understand that – my favourite wall decoration is a tall bookshelf filled with the higgledy piggledy colours of print books –  but the anti-eBook people (including members of most of the mainstream book review sites and shows I tune into) are claiming that reading an eBook is a lesser experience than reading a print book, and I call shenanigans.

Words, phrases, sentences and, most of all (in my opinion) the story make up the soul of a book and these things do not change with the method of delivery. This was highlighted to me yesterday and I challenge you not to see the “soul” in the following 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I was struck down by something from which I am still recovering. I have been napping a lot, and unable to focus enough to hold my whole novel in my head in the way that I need to when in editing mode – playing Farmville and Candy Crush has been about my […]

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