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The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 6

Thank you for joining me for Chapter 6 of The War of Wind and Moon, Season One!

In this chapter, Mia enjoys dinner at Tak’s flat but the mood is soon dampened by some disturbing news about Julian. Meanwhile, Mia’s Gossip gets a shock of its own.

Enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 6

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Chapter Six


Mia wasn’t allowed fried food. She’d had the odd fish and chips at friends’ houses but being allowed to go to friends’ houses was rare, too. She bit into the crunchy yet juicy, sweet yet salty morsel of ebi-katsu, and it tasted like freedom.

“Good?” Tak asked from the stool beside her.

“Mmm,” she moaned, nodding as she swallowed. “So deliciously wrong.”

Tak grinned, the grease making his smile shine and put another forkful into his mouth.

They were perched at the island bench that separated the kitchen from the living room in, it seemed, each of the flats in the block. Tak’s flat couldn’t have been more different from Mia’s, though. Not just because Mia and her mother hadn’t yet unpacked – there was a lived-in, loved feeling here. The fridge was covered with photos of Hiroko and Tak or Tak with his friends, going back years. Instead of the standard metal venetian blinds and white net curtains that gave no privacy at night, there were wooden slatted blinds in the kitchen and red drapes with a tiny floral print in the living room. Mia and her mother never stayed anywhere so long that changing the curtains was worthwhile. They didn’t bother with house plants, either – too difficult to transport – but Tak’s place was filled with them. And they weren’t just pot […]

By | May 6th, 2016|

The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 5

Thank you for joining me for Chapter 5 of The War of Wind and Moon, Season One!

In this chapter, we return to Melbourne where Mia is ending her first disastrous day at a new school and returning to a home that is barely more welcoming. But the day’s not over yet, there’s still time for someone to brighten her day.

I hope you enjoy the chapter 🙂

Chapter Five

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“I’m closing up in ten minutes, Mia,” Mrs Taylor, St. Kilda High’s librarian warned.

The end-of-day bell had rung fifteen minutes ago but Mia was waiting for the crowds to clear. She’d made it to the end of her first day without running into Julian again by spending lunch time and then her double free period in the library. Still, she couldn’t be home too late – her mother had no classes this afternoon but a late class tonight, so she’d be home now and want an early dinner. Mia packed up.

The fifteen minutes had been enough, the lockers and the tram stop were bully-free and she even got a seat on the ride home. Perhaps she should do that more often. As she reached the front door of her new flat, she saw her mother through the kitchen window, lifting a newspaper-wrapped plate from a box she’d perched over the sink. Mia sighed. Patricia was doing what she usually did – unpacking everything at once but not putting anything in the cupboards, just stacking it all onto what little bench space their always tiny kitchens had. Patricia’s reasoning was that everything needed to be washed of newsprint before it was put away but it was […]

By | April 30th, 2016|

The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 4

Thank you for joining me for Chapter 4 of The War of Wind and Moon, Season One!

In this episode we finally learn who the Gossip’s masters are and discover the core question that drives the whole series: How do you fight evil if death is not the end?

I hope you enjoy the chapter 🙂

Chapter Four

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It was 1:55 pm in Nagoya, Japan but the local clock on the wall of the communications room of Kazemoto Security’s International Headquarters wasn’t the one that Ryosuke Kazemoto and his staff were watching. In a darkened room usually loud with the clacking of dozens of mechanical keyboards, the Hunt-data co-ordinators sat silent but ready. In Texas it was five minutes to midnight – five minutes until the State executed Rodney Ellison Bates. There would be no stopping it. The usual not-for-profits had made their submissions for the sentence to be commuted to life but all had failed. Ryosuke pushed his hands through is hair and silently cursed those who thought killing murderers like Bates ended their evil.

Two minutes to midnight, Texas time. Bates had refused all spiritual or psychological guidance and the Gossips the five families had bound to him had not witnessed any sign of repentance. Not that repentance would have made much of a difference to his karma. To be capable of inflicting such pain on fellow beings and to enjoy it pointed to disconnection that was almost complete – which was also the reason he’d been so difficult to track down, even with all the supernatural resources at Kazemoto’s disposal.

One minute to midnight. Under the row of world clocks across […]

By | April 23rd, 2016|
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