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The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 3

Thank you for joining me for Chapter 3 of The War of Wind and Moon, Season One!  I hope you enjoy the chapter 🙂

Chapter Three

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Tak had missed home-room to meet with the soccer coach and as he made his way to Japanese class, the corridors were buzzing. Something had happened with Julian at the year 12 lockers. Tak rolled his eyes. Something was always happening at the lockers with Julian-usually to some poor kid. Until Year Nine when he’d returned from Summer holidays the tallest kid in the class instead of the smallest, Tak had often been that poor kid. He wasn’t interested in giving Julian any more attention but as he entered the classroom and made his way to his regular seat in the back row, Connor’s wide eyed grin told him he was going to be informed anyway.

“Hey, Con. I’m not interested in whatever Julian’s done now.”

But Connor couldn’t keep it in. “The new girl hit him!”

Tak did a double-take. The new girl? Couldn’t be. Not polite little Mia. “What new girl?”

“Mary or Mia or something. She was at her locker and Julian comes up behind her, puts his hand on her shoulder and she just whizzes around and smacks him! No warning. Nothing!”

“Smacked him? Like – in the face?”

“Yes!” The word was so high pitched, it was barely audible. Tak understood Connor’s joy, their friendship had been born under Julian’s fists but he found what he was hearing hard to reconcile with the demure girl he’d left at Kostopoulos’ office forty minutes ago. “You saw this?”

“Well. No. But Chris did – Chris!” He threw a pen at Chris Lockwood who looked […]

By | April 16th, 2016|

The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 2

Thank you for joining me for Chapter 2, I hope you enjoy it! Whether you listen or read, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment about the story, or the production, or to ask a question – I’ll try to answer as well as I can, though I won’t be drawn into spoilers!

Remember, if you don’t want to miss an episode, click the follow or subscribe link on your favourite listening platform and/or go to to subscribe to an email from me each week.

Without further ado, here’s chapter two! (Sorry, couldn’t resist hehe) Don’t forget to watch the slide-show if you want to read along with the podcast!

Chapter Two

Alternative Platform Links: WattpadiTunes (or any podcast app), TapeWrite and Audioboom


“Sorry about that.” Vice Principal Kostopoulos put his phone down and turned a bright smile on Mia. She’d been waiting in his office for ten minutes. “I saw Tak showed you to the office. How do you know him?”

“I don’t really,” she said. “He lives in the flats we just moved into. His Mum offered me a lift.”

“That sounds like Hiroko. You could do worse than make a friend of Tak. He takes his school work almost as seriously as his sport. In fact, why don’t I put you in the same home room?”

“I don’t know if he’d want that…” Mia said but Kostopoulos was already tapping at his keyboard.

“There. Done. While we’re setting you up, here’s a locker key – I’ll show you where you are in a minute… I’ll just print your timetable…” More keyboard tapping and the printer on the corner of his desk whirred and spat out an A4 page. Grabbing it, he leaped up. “Okay! We’re ready. I wanted to […]

By | April 7th, 2016|

The War of Wind and Moon, Chapter 1

The day has arrived and, as promised, here is Chapter One of The War of Wind and Moon. Thank you for joining me! I’m still so excited to be writing this story and to be sharing it with you. You’ve probably guessed from the “Season One” in the title that it’s a long, juicy story and I hope I can keep you wanting more each week!

There are various ways to enjoy The War of Wind and Moon.
1. Right here, below as a simple (if long), text blog post

2. Right here by listening to the embedded podcast player (and reading along);

3. As a podcast on any podcast app you might want to subscribe to the podcast rss via iTunes or directly at Audioboom 

4. In text only on Wattpad, where I wrote the draft of As Long As She Lives

When you have read or listened, please do feel free to comment, wherever you are. I love to hear from my readers, I cherish each of you and will do my best to respond to every comment and answer any questions you might ask – though I may need to plead “spoilers” sometimes!

And now I shall leave you to read or listen. I hope you enjoy it! 


Chapter One

Alternative Platform Links: WattpadiTunes (or any podcast app), TapeWrite and Audioboom

Floating to the ceiling of Mia’s bedroom, its dangling belly swollen after a feast of rage and fear, the Gossip enjoyed a dessert of contempt and defiance. Through bulging, yellow eyes the creature watched Mia uncurl from the ball she habitually formed whenever her mother’s fists began flying. The girl turned her ear to the door she was forbidden to shut and stilled her ragged breathing, listening for her […]

By | March 31st, 2016|
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